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Mobility & Accessibility Course

Mobility & Accessibility

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This Mobility & Accessibility Course learning outcomes include; Free Resource; understand limited mobility, non-weight bearing people ascending and descending staircases. Using realistic scenarios we highlight the potential social inclusion and exclusion of accessibility.
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Showing 2 of the 2 included eLearning lessons in this course. The whole course takes on average 9 minutes

Understand the key elements to be considered by employers including mobility, accessibility, social inclusion, social exclusion and emergency evacuation, including the financial impact when considering implementation of these types of solutions.

All trainees receive a globally recognized & subject informative Certificate of Completion as proof of successfully completing the training. Certificates are permanently stored in your account, always accessible online, and downloadable in PDF format too.

About this course
Level 1
Award Winning Author
Mobility & Accessibility Course

This online course includes all of the 2 lessons above. It is designed to develop the trainees Mobility & Accessibility skills for health and safety compliance in the workplace, providing valuable real-world learning outcomes at a high speed. It's used by individuals, groups and businesses to train their workforce across industries including Education & Schools, Manufacturing & Engineering, Offices & Business Services, Retail, Digital Services & Design, Government & Institution, Charities & NGO, Oil, Gas & Mining, Travel & Leisure, Care Homes & Domiciliary Care, Hospital Recruitment, Logistics & Maritime, among others.

Provided by BCCG Training based in UK, it's accessible at anytime online from an internet connected device at work or home, such as a computer, tablet or smart phone. Teams have access to a highly rated LMS and all successfully completing trainees achieve a Certificate of Completion.

BCCG Training

Mobility & Accessibility eLearning

This online information resource is available, at no cost and with unlimited access, to those managing health and safety within their organisation, in order that we can use our shared resources to improve the health and safety culture in the workplace for those with limited mobility. The course considers the potential solutions for both manual and motorised wheelchairs and other options, including video demonstrations.

As in the case with all other groups, disabled people and those with limited mobility have a role to play in the workplace. The vision of disabled people and people with limited mobility, is the same as that of people without disabilities or limitations. The Health & Safety Culture towards those people impacts upon the general wellbeing of an organisation, including accident rates, productivity, reliability, competitiveness and even employee morale.

This resource discusses the key elements to be considered by employers including mobility, accessibility, social inclusion, social exclusion and emergency evacuation, including the financial impact when considering implementation of these types of solutions. For those managing health and safety, another key element to be considered may be that of 'likelihood'. How often is this type of equipment actually going to be used?

Course Tags: mobility, wellbeing, accessible, disability, wheelchair, social inclusion, non weight bearing, weight, management standards, prm, persons with reduced mobility, health and safety, level 1, award,

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